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GM902 magnet analyzer system

GM902 Magnet Analyzer System combines the actual needs of multi poles magnetic ring manufacturers and motor enterprises users


GM902 Magnet Analyzer System combines the actual needs of multi poles magnetic ring manufacturers and motor enterprises users,through careful design of the test bench and precise control of the motor, to achieve accurate measurement of the surface magnetic field distribution.Test reports such as XY coordinate, P polar coordinate, 3D magnetic field distribution and harmonic analysis of relative fundamental wave can be provided ,which provide accurate magnetic field distribution data for motor design.The high concentricity design and the high precision level of the probe return are the guarantee of the quality of the equipment, and the comprehensive performance of the product reaches the international advanced level.


With the increasing demand for the quantity and quality of the motor, the production of the multi pole magnetic ring is required. How to develop and produce high-quality multipole magnetic rings, how to identify the quality of multipole, how to use the magnetic rings to design high-quality motors all put forward higher requirements for the inspection of the magnetic rings. In the past, the method of combining hand with simple fixture was far from meeting the use requirements because of large error, low precision, long time consuming and few inspection indexes.





Product features

1.Powerful visual data analysis of 3D magnetic field distribution waveform

2.Direct adjustment of 3D automatic positioning by software

3.It can detect accurately from near the zero point of magnetic pole

4.High precision of the three jaw chuck ensures the rotation concentricity is better than 0.05mm

5.The step motor table rotates stably, with jitter less than 0.03mm


Technical index

Measured parameters

Measuring speed

rotate concentricity

Probe movement accuracy

Maximum measuring points



Sampling Quantity




36000 points

Seven speed automatic range


Rotating platform

· Three jaw chuck rotation concentricity: 0.01mm, overall concentricity is better than: 0.05mm

· Optical electric translation platform, model: 01RS004 optical electric rotating platform, transformation ratio: 1:180

· Three jaw chuck imported from Taiwan, model: SE-03

· The highest test point of precise measurement is 36000 steps / revolution, and the test time can be adjusted within 30-60 seconds


Measurement probe

1. AutoRange : 0.1-3000-30000 Gs;

2.Resolution: 0.1 Gs  ( 0.01Gs depending on the high resolution probe)

3.Accuracy: 1.0% of full scale of each gear

4.Distribution of a standard magnetic field, magnetic field 1000gs ± 5GS, calibration accuracy: 0.5%, for magnetic field calibration


Measurement description

1.Ordinary probe: PT0415(Thickness 0.5mm, width 4mm); PA0310(Diam 3mm ,length 50mm).

2.Measuring range of inner ring: Φ 10 mm ~ Φ 76 mm, large samples need to be equipped with measuring tools.

3.Measuring range of outer ring: Φ 6mm ~ Φ 82mm, large samples need to be equipped with measuring tools

4.Travel distance of probe in three directions: X axis: 200mm, Y axis: 200mm, Z axis: 100mm


Software interface

GM902 magnet analyzer system(图1)