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GM500 Intelligent Gauss MeterGM500 Intelligent Gauss Meter-New Appearance, New Function, Multi-interface. More Practica


GM500 Intelligent Gauss Meter

GM500 Intelligent  Gauss Meter

-New Appearance, New Function, Multi-interface. More Practical 

Production Brief

  • ARM CPU with a Corte-M core, which is more superior at  sampling speed and program stability and extensibility. The better  software algorithm ensures the accuracy of the instrument, and the  smaller volume is suitable for the test of the hand .

  • LCM2864  display model with white back-light , which can directly read  the real and the peak value and the magnetic polarity .

  • RS485 communication extension, the standard MODBUS-RTU protocol allows users to expand.

  • Alarm switch output(Hi-Mid-Low) and beep alarm inside.

  • DAC convert inside.(0.5-4.5V output).Easy to connect to PLC controller.



  • Convenient test: small size of 160mm*64-80mm*30mm,which is portable for the no-site quality inspection.

  • With wide measuring range: the maximum test  measurable at 3t-30000Gs, the lowest test at 0.1Gs, both strong and weak magnetism can be measured.

  • Reading simple: LCM12864 LCD display(with  backlight), convenient to read data, unit selection, Magnetic polarity  NS letters show.

  • Maintenance convenient: instrument use 4 sections  No 7 battery, which is convenient to purchase, plastic box to receive  shockproof, which  is more practical.

  • Function of extension: RS485 communication  interface to facilitate data output, the OK/NG data filters the output  of the switch to facilitate automated integration.


          The GM500 intelligent gauss meter can be used in the  aerospace industry, electronic sound, automobile manufacturing and parts processing industries. Particularly in wind power, steel smelting and  the magnetic application test in the new energy vehicles. It measures  the field measurement of magnetic field ,DC motor, loundspeaker,  magnetic separator and permanent magnet. The low range can be used to  measure metal material residual magnetic field and mechanical parts  processing after demagnetization of weak magnetism, stainless steel  after cold working of the residual magnetic field, strong magnetic  shielding after the leakage magnetic field , etc. it is widely used in  machining industry, stainless steel products and mould manufacturing  industry.


              RANGE SCOPE: AutoRange~300mT~3000mT
              BASIC ERROR: DC±2%; AC±5%
              RESOLUTION:  0.01mT   Range 300mT 

                                         0.1mT     Range 3000mT
              MAGNETIC FIELD:  DC / AC


              UNIT CHANGE:   Gs ,mT ,Oe ,A/m


              DISPLAY :   T-RMS Value, Peak Value, AC Frenquence, Temperature

A Gauss meter,also know as Tesla meter,is a device used to measure the strength and direction of a magnetic field. Small,hand-held versions are available and the user can carry it to monitor magnetic fields as he walks. The device may also be referred to as an electromagnetic field detector, or EMF detector for short. The device has several scientific uses and is popular among paranormal researchers.